Final Designs

Now we’re nearing our final deadline of second year, My collection is finished and i feel as if my work has vastly improved since the last deadline, I feel as though I took Helens comments on board and have worked really hard to improve what needed improving in my work. I’m proud to say all my collection has been done by hand, dyed by hand and hand screen printed. even my one (unfotunately) paper design was done by painting with gouache paints. I think the fact that everything has been done by hand sets me apart from a lot of the other girls and I’m genuinely proud to have produced the body of work that I have. 

One of helens comments was that my drawings didnt seem to be in my usual style, which i completely agree with. ai feel as though I lost a part of myself and lost a part of the way i would usually work, before easter, and in this final deadline this is something I’ve really tried to improve, by using a variety of Mark making, different print techniques, its been difficult, but I really hope it’s paid off. 


Print Print And more Print

Having spent the best part of the last two weeks in the print workshops with Steve and a few of the girls, having experimented with my own dye baths, dying my fabrics, and a variety of primt techniques I’m happy to say my designs are actually coming along really well, and I feel as though I’ve really uped my game since last term. I’m confident in saying that ai’ll have a collection of FABRIC designs that fit in well with my brief.


experimenting with different marks, colours and dyes in the print shop. 

Fabric dying

To better my skills, I’ve decided to buy colourless fabrics and dye them myself using my own dye baths. I think this was the best decision for me as a designer to get to grips with the best dyes for my designs and the right measurements needed for certain colours.

Having undergone my field 1 module with David Fitzjon, I feel as though I had a better knowledge of how to mix the colours that I needed, and this was definitely true. I think I underestimated how beneficial the module would be to myself, and having spoken to Steve I now know that the skills I learn’t with David will carry me through to third year when it will be part of our module to learn how to mix dyes properly. So I’m definitely heading into third year full of confidence!

devoré velvet having been in a navy dye bath for 1 minute to give a frosted blue colour. 

Trip to butterflies!

As my designs for the last hand-in were all paper, I’m very focused on making sure that doesn’t happen with the next hand in. I’m a textiles student, handing in paper designs feels wrong to me, however as a student fabrics become too expensive sometimes haha. 

So first things first for the new term – let’s go buy some fabrics! After what seemed like hours browsing Butterflies we finally came out with fabrics that I think we’re all happy with. I had to keep my colour pallet in mind, however i also had to remember that I wanted to dye my own fabrics too, however i did buy two coloured fabrics, whoch were a light blue satin, and a two toned silver chiffon. I also bought a colourless chiffon ready to dye in a navy dye bath.  I’m confident in saying these fabrics fit in well with my colour pallette but also fit in well with my chosen designs.

Buddy week 2

As I said last week, this week could’ve only got better, and in fairness it did. The majority of the spaces were built and there wasn’t much left to do in the studio meaning we could focus on helping our buddies with their actual work. Fortunately for me Daisy had pretty much finished all of her last details so the only thing for us to do was construct her space, which we did in no time. 

The same unreliable girls from our year didn’t show up again, and we once again had to cover for them, but the gratitude we recieved from the third years helped with our frustration a lot. On the last day (their final deadline) it was clear that we’d all have to pull together to help certain third years, but as soon as the countdown had finished and theyd all handed in their work you could see the relief in their eyes, which for us was very heartwarming, but not only that i felt genuinely proud knowing that we’d helped them in finishing everything. 

I’m genuinely going to miss working with daisy and the other third years, its been fun! even if we were let down by our own cohort. Hopefully they won’t feel the same next year if their buddies don’t show up eh?

Buddy week 1

So after what seems like a very stressful and eventful week, I’m glad I can finally say Daisy’s space is all clean, painted and ready for the construction of her shelves and putting everything else up. Honestly, i couldn’t be happier with being paired with Daisy, we’ve had a great time working with eachother this week, and I’ve never worked with someone that I’ve been able to laugh with (and occasionally at) so much before. The third years are all lovely considering the factthat a lot of our girls aren’t showing up and about 8 of us are having to pull together and cover everyone elses work, whoch isn’t fair on us or the third years, however I’m not willing to let the faults of our cohort let the third years down, which is why there are a few of us pulling together as much as possible to help everyone out. 

What’s also really getting to a lot of us is that some of our own cohort are coming in, saying that their buddies don’t need them for the day and going home, while some third years are left without a buddy, but not only that, but the rest of us whose buddies do in fact need us are also helping other third years out. If your buddy doesn’t need you, find someone else to help! Don’t just go home and leave the rest of us to deal with everything. 

However, I think the third years can see how hard some of us are working to ensure that everything gets done, and are really understanding and geateful for everything we do. Hopefully next week can only get better. 

New motivation

As said in my reflection of my feedback, this term will be completely based around bettering my skills as a printmaker and in stitch too. I’ve decides to scrap a lot of the original final 2 designs and start a-new. 

I’m very aware of the fact that my designs probably aren’t suited to an Elie Saab collection which is also something that I’m very consciencious about, and will definitely focus on improving that by experimenting with different fabrics and textures, such as devoré, flock, puff and any other textures i could possibly fit in with my designs. onwards and upwards!