I always find starting a new brief rather daunting, this one especially. The thought of being put in groups with people that I’d never met before did scare me, admittedly. But once we were put into our groups and got to know each other better it became a lot easier than what I’d first anticipated. ¬†We got off to a tricky start with regards to what we were going to focus on, and although we began not having a clue what we were going to head towards I feel we came out with a very successful outcome. Although I was nervous going into the group work I came out feeling as though my own work had benefited from the experience and not only that but I’d learnt a variety of new skills and design methods from my peers.

When it comes to my personal project, I always struggle within the first few weeks with finding inspiration and the motivation to get into a project, especially when it’s a project that I’ve had to work on several times in the past. However, this time i chose a completely different aspect compared to what I would’ve usually chosen, which has been nice because it’s also allowed me to learn things that I never knew about Cardiff. I chose something that I’d had first hand experience of and I think that gave me that extra motivation, I was looking at things that I hadn’t looked at in years and was being reminded of what Cardiff looked like when I was younger.

Overall, I’m happy with my work and even happier with what I’ve gained from the whole experience.


Artists research

Along with all my architecture research I stumbled across an artist that I looked at years ago and who’s work I’ve always loved, Alice Kettle. I’ve always loved drawing and I love the way she combines textiles and fine art and is definitely the direction I plan on going in when it comes to my final piece.

alice kettle 2

Her mark making using stitch is amazing and even though hers are usually figureativ, doesn’t mean that I can’t bring the technique into my own studies.




So having already researched older buildings in Cardiff, and having been out to take photos of Cardiff as it is now I thought I’d try my luck at finding buildings that are about to be built, and fortunately I found the perfect website for this research.


This website couldn’t be more perfect, showing Cardiff and how it could possibly look in the future. Safe to say I’m happy with all the research I’ve done so far, I’m also happy to say that I have a clear layout in my head of how my work is heading. Not only that but it’s interesting to see current plans and get a rough idea of how Cardiff could begin to look over the next decade!


Day trip! Out to take photos of new buildings that are being built in Cardiff. The main development in the city centre that I’ve witnessed is that of the Hayes/st Davids 2. When I was younger it looked completely different and I think that’s one of the most memorable changes in recent history so will definitely be a focus point of my work.

I also decided I should probably start looking into artists and designers, my starting point was to look at older designs, such as the civic centre in Cardiff. This was the beginning of my research into how it’s developed.

city hall



Safe to say I have a lot of research to do over the next couple of weeks, but a great starting point was an article that I found on facebook showing an artist that had combined old and new photos of Cardiff showing just how the city has changed over recent years.

changin 1 changin 2 changin 3 changin 4

These are a great starting point for my research and I can now further it knowing I have a solid starting point.

And it comes to an end.

So with today being our final day of our group work, I’m happy to say everything went as planned. We got a great reaction from everyone else, especially Olwen and Ingrid who loved our concept. I’m also pleased to say that this work has made me look at my own projet in different ways too, and has enabled me to think a bit more outside the box with my own work. We may have got off to a shaky start, but safe t say all’s well that ends well!

Day trip!

So after sorting out all our research this morning we then decided we should go off and find some research together again, and following Olwens advice we decided to venture into The Old Library in Cardiff, where unbeknown to me, there is a smaller museum on the history of Cardiff, where fortunately for us, the majority of the exhibit was the history of Cardiff Docks.

After our little exhibition we all then went home to work on our individual work, however, still keeping in contact with each other over facebook with regards to where we are with our research and any other ideas we may come up with.