Buddy week 2

Now that my designs are all finished in regards to headers, overlocking, stickers put on, on the hangers, and ready to be set up. Adele and I can finally start setting up the final exhibition. However I’ve hit snag after snag when trying to figure out the best way of suspending my drapes. Initially I had wanted to suspend them from the ceiling, but that wouldn’t have been appropriate. My next idea was to buy triple tracking so I’d have a way of layering them behind one and other. However when I went to look at the tracking over the weekend, i realised the fittings weren’t wide enough to hold my drapes, and thus they wouldn’t have hung properly. My last idea is to hopefully be able to buy fishing wire and fittings this evening from IKEA and suspend them thusly. Hopefully this will work. Other than that I’m starting to run out of jobs for Adele to do, which is proof of how hard she’s been working. Any job I give her she flies through, which is great, especially considering the standard doesn’t drop even with the pace that she’s working at. I can’t praise her enough for everything she’s doing for me, and hopefully that will continue until the end of the week. (I have no doubt it will.)


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