Buddy week 1

I’ve only met Adele once so as of yet I don’t know a lot about how she works, whether she’s a stitcher or a print maker, or even if she’s in every day. So the next week will be interesting, however I have every faith that she’ll be a hard worker as a buddy. Fortunately my designs have arrived already, which puts us in great stead for the next week. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how they’ve come back, and means that myself and Adele can get to work with putting the finishing touched on them, like overlocking, trimming and headers. The fact that they’ve arrived already gives us the advantage of not having to panic at the last minute to get everything put together. Hopefully the next two weeks will go swimmingly.


designs have arrived!

Due to the nature of my designs, when I sent them off I was concerned about pixelation because of the scale, and the way I’ve had to blow the designs up from small paintings. Initially I was too scared to open them, until Steph came in, by which point the anticipation was too much and I decided to open them. Though I had sent a sample off and it had come back perfect, I was concerned about my drapes, because of the scale of them, being 3 times longer than my sample sizes. However now they’re here, I can safely say I had nothing to worry about and couldn’t be happier with the results. They’ve all come back just as I wanted, and had pictured. Time to get ready for the show!

Sending off final designs

Now that my student loan has come in, I can start thinking about sending my designs off to the printers. Though I’m outsourcing, it’s a good job they do student discount, as over the weekend I priced everything up in the sizes and fabrics that I wanted, and it comes to over 350 Pound! WITH student discount, so if there was no discount I’d be well and truly up the creek without a paddle.

I’ve spoken through my designs with Helen, including my drapes and cushion designs, just to check if they were suitable. Luckily, Helen seemed to really like my designs, so I take that as the green light to send my designs off, so as of this afternoon, they’ll officially be my collection for the degree show!

Samples come back!

I was concerned with how my designs would look on my chosen fabrics, especially being the size that they are. However, this morning I collected my sample from the post office, and once I’d opened it, was almost at the point of crying with happiness. It’s come back perfect, and has come to the point now where everything seems real, and its setting in that I only have a few weeks left as a textiles student, until i graduate as a designer.

Sample sent off!

Sent one sample off to the printers, to make sure that they look how I want them to on my chosen fabric, and in the scale that they’re in. It’s a bit daunting to think that if it doesn’t come back how I want, then I don’t have much time to rethink my collection, and will have to come up with a major back up plan. As it stands however, I just have to wait and see..

Design development- the end is near

Designs are finally seeming as if they’re coming together solidly. My families are formed off the landscapes that they’ve been inspired by, the colours are all looking really good as a collection. As it stands I’m really happy with how it’s going so far, and am hoping everything will be ready to send off next week once I’ve checked with the tutors to see if there are any final touches that need doing before they’re all finalised.