Dye Lab experiments

After last weeks formative feedback comments, I’ve decided to spend a few days in the print and dye lab. Unfortunately due to a certain someone using every dye bath for a whole week, we’ve been told we have to adhere to her timetable, which isn’t fair, and quite selfish actually, but the plus side is I’ve been told I’m ‘allowed’ to use them this week as she’s away. At least I get to have them to ¬†myself for some peace and quiet. Over the past few day’s I’ve been experimenting with silk screen painting, acid painting onto silk, and acid dyes. Though some of them have had quite nice results, they’re lacking the atmosphere that I’ve been getting with some of my other designs. Unfortunately, as much as I’d love to keep them in my collection, I don’t think it’s suitable, as the results can be unpredictable, and lack the atmosphere and feel that my other designs have.


Formative feedback reflection

Recieved my formative feedback and am really pleased with how Helen has reacted to my work. I feel as though I’m in a really good place currently work wise and am really happy with how everything’s going. There was, however, a comment on the techniques that I’m using and to try and experiment a bit more. Though I understand where the tutors are coming from, I’m concerned that moving into the workshops won’t have the same effect that the processes I’m currently using will have. I guess the only thing I can do is experiment a bit more, and if they don’t work out then I’ll have to move them into my technical folder. but as it stands, it’s currently looking really positive.

Back to designing

After my interim Critiques, and tutorial with the external examiner, I’ve been convinced that large scale designs is the way to go. My designs are very atmospheric and it makes sense that the larger the scale the more atmosphere I’d get within them, and the more effective my designs would be.

The problem I’m now faced with is making sure my designs will fit on large scale pieces without pixelation, and without any unwanted marks. I’ll also need to experiment with what marks are brush strokes work best on a larger scale. I am, however, really excited about the prospect of working on a large scale. I come from a fine art background, and have a love for large abstract paintings, and I think working on a large scale is the perfect combination of my love for paintings, and my love for textiles. Really Excited!