Self reflective statement – Consultancy

this project has definitely been a learning curve for me. Before this brief I had never even considered stationery design as an option as I’ve always focused on more interiors than stationery or fashion. However, I’m happy to admit that I’ve enjoyed this project a lot more than I’d initially anticipated. I began by doing brief research of International Greetings, and then moved on to doing market research. Initially I had decided to work on wedding cards, based on wedding bouquets. However, after the first presentation with Sarah and Jane it became clear that Sarah thought my work was more suited for  the wrapping paper collection, and although I had seen myself working towards cards I took her opinion into consideration and decided to try it out. I took the original drawings and prints that I had done and put them into photoshop, which isn’t something that I do very often as I’ve always been more hands on with my work, however after playing around for a while with what was my original bag design, I felt as if i had a lightbulb moment, and from then on My collection developed naturally. Though I was working with photoshop I still continued to go into the workshops every monday and Friday to make sure that I had a good body of samples to work with in my digital work. Although print is where I’m at my strongest, I felt as though turning my prints into digital pieces I was losing a lot of the texture that was achieved in my pieces, which is when i decided to photoshop the textures behind the design as a way of getting more dimension into my digital designs. From here on I went  on to design a variety of wrapping papers, rolls, sheets, bags and gift tags. I was really happy with the work that I had produced, however Helen thought my designs weren’t necessarily fitted to the product, and looking back now I definitely think she was right in saying that, and had Helen not pointed it out I wouldn’t have produced the work that I eventually did. One issue I may have had is that I went a bit over the top and did a few too many designs, however my thinking was I’d rather have too many options than not enough, and looking at my collection as a whole I think all the designs work cohesively. Which is something that the International greetings staff had pointed out themselves. However, my main roll is clear, but i had 3 different designs for single sheets, and I’m confident in saying that they’d all work with the collection separately, but my main single sheet would be the teal floral design, as I and the staff thought the added teal to the collection lifted all the purples and pinks and worked very effectively as an accent colour.

After the final presentation the international greetings staff seemed to really like my designs, and said that my colour pallet caught their eye the moment they came in the door which was really nice to hear as I think my use of colour in this brief has been very effective. There are tweaks that need to be made that unfortunately weren’t doable before the deadline due to printing costs and funds, however i do intend on changing my card to have more foil and a better focal point, and I adding a personal touch to the ribbon and bow is definitely something i need to consider. On the whole though, I’m incredibly happy with the work that I’ve produced this term, and am very confident in the work that I’ve produced. Helens words were ‘A few tweaks and it would be perfect’ so hopefully once I’ve done my final tweaks everyone will be as happy with my work as I am.


Final week

Unfortunately due to money and not being able to afford to get everything printed in time I haven’t had a chance to change everything that theyve asked for, however I’m still happy with my collection as it stands and I’ll be sure to make the final tweaks before the final deadline in May. Now time to relax and get dissertation done over Christmas. 🙂

Post Presentation


As I’d anticipated, I have too much work. That being said, that was the only negative to come from the presentations.. The I.G staff said they were really impressed with my designs and thought they worked well as a collection. One of the staff in particular said my colour pallet caught her eye the moment she walked through the door, which was really lovely. They also said they loved my gift bags and my green single sheet in particular. It means a lot to me that they’ve said what they have as this is the first body of work that I’m really happy with, and though I have little tweaks to make, it’s nice to know that they feel the same about my collection as I do. Helen asked which of my designs I’d choose as my main design and i chose my green sheet, because I think it lifts the whole collection, and what was nice is that the I.G staff agreed.

They mentioned that i need to add some foil to my card to add another dimension, and that the card is probably the least successful part of my collection, which I was aware of going into it. They also said i need to add a personal touch to my bow and ribbon which I’m prepared to do. Overall I’m really pleased with how the presentation went.

In Helen’s words ‘A few tweaks and it would be perfect!’

…I think I’m more pleased hearing that from Helen than any of the other feedback that I’ve received haha.