Almost presentation time

after my tutorial with Helen Thursday, I went into panic mode this weekend with the amount of work that I had to to, but after getting into the swing of things I’ve come out with more work than I had before. In fact, I may have gone OTT with designs, but in my head it’s better to have too much than too little. And the more options they have the more feedback I’ll get. Now I’ve revisited my designs I can definitely see where Helen was coming from, as they look a lot better now that the placement has been changed on a few of them.

Whilst in panic mode I spoke to a couple of the graduates who sent images of their collections last year, and seeing how much work they had led to me going into design mode and probably producing too much work. But I’m happy with the collection as it stands, and although I probably have too much work, I’d rather be able to take away from the collection than have to add to it.



Having just had a tutorial with Helen, she’s raised the fact that a few of my designs aren’t placed well for the product, such as my gift bag and gift tag, and that i need to rethink a few of my designs. The same being said for my single sheet. Although I’m beginning to panic at the thought of the presentations being next week, I can also see where Helen’s coming from, and if these are Helen’s opinions then chances are the international greetings staff will feel the same too. All of a sudden I feel as though I have a mountain of work to complete by next week.

Photoshop’s my new best friend

As I’m more of a ‘hands on’ designer, photoshop isn’t a tool that I turn to too often as I feel as if I don’t have as much control as when I’m in the print workshop, however, this week has changed my feelings completely. I feel as though over the past 2 weeks I’ve somehow come up with a collection of designs that work well together but also convey my concepts well.

I began with my wrap design, combining a variety of prints and layering on top of textured fabrics. I feel as though I had a lightbulb moment and suddenly had a base for a body of work. With my wrap design finished i moved onto gift bag and gift tags, taking the wrap design and taking certain images out, adding other designs in to try and figure out the most suitable way of creating a collection without them all looking the same. I feel as though everything else is coming naturally now I have the base of my collection and everythings flowing nicely. It’s a nice feeling!

Design Development

So after Sarah Barkers comments last week I’ve made the decision to take my work into the gift wrap option as opposed to the cards. This is my first time tackling a brief like this and as Sarah’s the professional it makes sense to go with what she thinks is best. As i already have the designs and samples the sensible thing is to take them into photoshop and illustrator and figure out what the best way of going about this brief is.

However, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided it makes sense to move away from weddings and head more towards every day, as there’s not much of a market for wedding wrapping paper so I think it’s sensible to head more towards every day. This being said, I’ve also decided to stick with the theme and client that I already have, although it’s not wedding, the client still represents the type of person that my work is aimed at, and I think my wedding bouquet motifs are informal enough to work with every day.

So far, I’m happy with where I’m headed and am feeling really positive about this brief.