Post presentations

So I’m not the best when it comes to presentations in front of people, especially professionals as I think it’s added pressure on top of knowing that everyone’s judging your work. Having said that, I think i can take a lot more positives from it than negatives. I did struggle to fill the whole 5 minutes, but I put that down to nerves and rushing through my notes. However, Sarah Barker seemed to really like what I’ve put forth so far, she loved my illustrative work and could see where I was heading. She did, however, hint that she thinks my drawings and samples would work better for the gift wrap option, so this is something that I seriously need to consider. Sarah also mentioned the fact that my colour pallet is to broad and naturally I’ve been working towards the darker spectrum of my pallet, so she thinks I should take the citrus accents and home in on the dark reds and purples.

Other than minor tweaks she’s happy with where I’m headed so overall I’ve come out of this feeling really positive about my work, but now i need to decide whether to stick with cards or go into wrapping paper.


Upcoming Presentations

With the presentations to the company looming I’m starting to panic that maybe I should have prototypes or solid ideas ready for the I.G staff, however Helen and Sally have eased my worries and told me not to panic, so I’m feeling a bit better about the thought of presenting my work.

I’m confident that I have a good collection of motifs, images and samples and that that’s enough to present to the staff next week.


So far my tutorials have all been fairly positive, until I actually start taking my samples etc into designs I don’t think there’s much that can be said about my work until you see the designs coming together, but both Jayne and Sally have said they’re happy with my sketchbook work and samples so far. They’ve also given a variety of ideas as to how I can bring something a little extra to my work, such as stitching in flower petals, adding stitchwork etc. So far, I’m happy with how everything’s going and am confident that I can produce a successful collection for the client, but also for my auntie and uncle.

Off to a good start

As the first part of this module is drawing and idea development, I’ve been focusing on my sketchbook and workshop designs, I’ve done a few drawings in my sketchbook that have been taken from a variety of wedding bouquets that’ve been in family weddings of mine, all made of combinations of autumnal flowers and berries, some with twigs and other textures in them too. As a printer, my first answer is to take everything into screen print and experiment with different textures and printing methods to find the most suited to what I want to do.

From the first couple of weeks in the workshops I’m happy with the samples that I’ve produced, and think I can begin to take these into designs, but with the presentations coming up soon it’s probably best that I produce as many samples and ideas as possible ready for the International Greetings staff.

First week as a Third year

First week back and straight into the International greetings brief. Personally I’m not too worried at the moment as I feel as though i prepared over summer quite well, got on with research on the company, theme and market to try and decide what I was going to focus on during this project. Over summer I made the decision to focus on wedding cards for a more ‘edgy’ bride. The main reason for this is the fact that my auntie and uncles wedding was one of the most memorable for me, for a variety of reasons, but it really stuck out because it wasn’t necessarily a traditional wedding, in that my auntie wore converse, their wedding car was a Volkswagen van, the ring barer and bridesmaids both wore converse too. So for me, choosing a wedding card that suited their wedding was difficult so I decided to design a collection that appeals to them.

My main motifs for these designs will be wedding bouquets, but more non-traditional. So for me the best way of doing this was to go for edgier colours than what you would usually see in a wedding bouquet, so I’ve decided to go for more dark reds, purples, with some hints of citrus accents to lift it. I’ve also chosen to design for the Autumn season as I think my concept is more designed for colder, darker seasons, so for me Autumn is perfect.

Now to get on with actually designing..