That’s second year finished! 

I don’t think I could be happier with the work  that I’ve produced this year. I’m very proud of my work and feel as though my attitude and skills have vastly improved since last year. To think that we’re now technically third years is frightening. (as long as we all pass second year anyway)  

Now I have a lot of research and work to do over summer to ensure my third year work is of a high standard ready for graduate and go into the real world!



Self reflection – making connections

As a whole, I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved in this module. I feel as though my work has improved a lot since our previous deadline and feel as if i have a lot more motivation. Though I’m still certain that fashion isn’t the area I want to work in I pursued with this module with dedication regardless.

The main thing I’m really pleased with, and actually quite proud of, is the fact that every one of my final designs has been done by hand, either by devore, screen print, flock or painted with gouache paint. Not only that but all the fabric was bought in mute colours and were dyed in dye baths that I mixed myself, which is something that I’ve never done very much of, and i think has worked really well. I’ve spent the best part of the last 3 weeks in the print room with Steve, and have produced a body of work that I couldn’t be more pleased with. I feel as though my skills have improved vastly, and I’ve started to get to grips with the type of designer that I want to be. I think I’ve produced a series of successful designs, I know better than anyone that they’re not perfect, but I think my work this year has improved a lot since last year, and I’ve also found a lot more motivation for my work.

During the buddy week(s) I feel as though i gained a lot of knowledge about what is expected of us in regards to the presentation of our work. I couldn’t have possibly been happier with the buddy that I had been paired with, not only had she almost finished by the time that it came to the buddy system, but she was perfectly happy with everything that I did and seemed really grateful for what I did for her. As Daisy was close to being finished and didn’t have too much for me to do, it then mean’t i was able to give aid to a lot of the other third years, which I was perfectly happy to do. The third years handled everything brilliantly considering the fact that about 50% of our girls didn’t turn up most days. My only complaint about the buddy system was the lack of attendance from the girls in our year, some of whome didn’t show up at all. It sounds nasty and vindictive, but if they’re in third year and their buddy doesn’t turn up, it would be down to karma. I know if I’m stressed when it comes to the FMP in third year, and my buddy doesn’t turn up I’ll be 10x more stressed and it wouldn’t be fair, as it wasn’t fair on this years third years, which was the only reason me and a handful of the girls pulled together to help as many of them as possible. Regardless of the attitudes of some of our cohort, I think the third years dealt with it brilliantly.

I’d also like to praise Steve and Maggie for the fact that they’ve helped us to the best of their abilities within this module, and though certain people have made comments, I think some people forget that they have more than just our year to deal with, and in second year, now we should have a better understanding of the workshops and not have to rely on the technicians for every little thing.

Now that second year is finished with, I feel a lot more happy with the body of work I’ve produced this year than I did last year so i think I’m leaving second year with confidence feeling ready for our third and final year!

Final Designs

Now we’re nearing our final deadline of second year, My collection is finished and i feel as if my work has vastly improved since the last deadline, I feel as though I took Helens comments on board and have worked really hard to improve what needed improving in my work. I’m proud to say all my collection has been done by hand, dyed by hand and hand screen printed. even my one (unfotunately) paper design was done by painting with gouache paints. I think the fact that everything has been done by hand sets me apart from a lot of the other girls and I’m genuinely proud to have produced the body of work that I have. 

One of helens comments was that my drawings didnt seem to be in my usual style, which i completely agree with. ai feel as though I lost a part of myself and lost a part of the way i would usually work, before easter, and in this final deadline this is something I’ve really tried to improve, by using a variety of Mark making, different print techniques, its been difficult, but I really hope it’s paid off.