Buddy week 2

As I said last week, this week could’ve only got better, and in fairness it did. The majority of the spaces were built and there wasn’t much left to do in the studio meaning we could focus on helping our buddies with their actual work. Fortunately for me Daisy had pretty much finished all of her last details so the only thing for us to do was construct her space, which we did in no time. 

The same unreliable girls from our year didn’t show up again, and we once again had to cover for them, but the gratitude we recieved from the third years helped with our frustration a lot. On the last day (their final deadline) it was clear that we’d all have to pull together to help certain third years, but as soon as the countdown had finished and theyd all handed in their work you could see the relief in their eyes, which for us was very heartwarming, but not only that i felt genuinely proud knowing that we’d helped them in finishing everything. 

I’m genuinely going to miss working with daisy and the other third years, its been fun! even if we were let down by our own cohort. Hopefully they won’t feel the same next year if their buddies don’t show up eh?


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