Disstertation proposal reflection

throughout Constellation since level 4 I’ve always had Jon Clarkson as my tutor, studying post modernism and movements in modern art as it’s something I’ve always been passionate about, however, for my Dissertation I’ve decided to combine my love of modern art with my love for textiles and have decided to look into the relationship between modern art and fashion. Although this resulted in a change of tutors and that I’m now with Cath Davies, I’m not disappointed at all and think Cath is probably the most likely tutor to get the best work out of me, so that’s a bonus.

The research for my dissertation started off a bit hazy, but after having a tutorial with Cath I had a much better idea of where I needed to begin, and having now written my dissertation proposal I feel a lot more relaxed and at ease with the idea of my dissertation, having found plenty of resources, books and journals that will help me along the way. My main intention is to get the majority of my dissertation out of the way over summer as I’ve seen a lot of my close friends struggling to juggle the work load when it comes to third year, and me being me, if I don’t get on top of all my work over summer then I know it would come down to a last minute panic next year, which is not going to happen!

The main inspiration behind my proposed question was the Yves St Laurent ‘Mondrian day dress’. Having been a lover of Mondrian’s works since being in high school the dress caught my eye instantly, and inspired me to look into how other designers have used art as an inspiration. Having now read a few books such as, Art and Fashion- Alice Mackrell, Fashion: the whole story- Marnie Fogg and Art’s seduction by Fashion- Chris Towsend, I’ve gained a much better and broader knowledge of the relationship between the two worlds, and realised it was more than just modern art to have had an impact on fashion but that in fact it has happened throughout history. Therefore, I decided it would be appropriate to start from the beginning, and so the intention for my first chapter is to have a brief look through history and see how art as always inspired fashion. I’m happy with this decision as I feel it would help my thesis flow a lot more fluidly rather than jumping straight to it, a brief history behind the subject is always handy.

A question that was raised in Chris Towsend’s- Rapture: Art’s seduction by Fashion since 1970 is ‘is fashion art?’ this is something that I found very interesting, as I believe it to be an on going debate in society, what is art? Who decides what is art and what isn’t? My dissertation is intended to be all about the boundaries between art and fashion and whether or not they’re breakable, or could fashion exist without arts influence? Although I am aware that as your research develops you’re introduced to new aspects and viewpoints and it is likely that your question will also develop, this is something that I’m completely open to. I think a lot of us feel the same in that, we don’t have a clear idea of exactly where we’re going with our work just yet and that we’re just setting the scene currently. There are a few route’s within my question that I’d be happy to go down with my work, for example, a question was raised as to whether or not fashion is just wearable art? Or is that pushing the boundaries between the two slightly too far? I think with the proposal that I’ve come up with, it’s quite versatile in that Fashion and art have always had a complicated relationship, so there is room to look at a variety of different viewpoints, and this is something that I’m completely open to.

Although next year I don’t necessarily plan on doing a fashion based project and so this isn’t necessarily informing my third year work, there’s nothing to say I won’t end up in fashion when I’m older so I think my chosen thesis will always be something that sticks with me throughout my career, as my main intention is to show that inspiration can come from anywhere and that it’s all about finding what inspires you, and working on it. For the time being, I’m satisfied with where I am in¬†regards to my question, it’s something that I’m interested in but not only that, I’m also enjoying the research as I’m finding more examples and perspectives of how fashion and art are intertwined every day.


reaction to feedback 

Having recieved my feedback form for term 2,  l can’t say I’m overly happy with the comments I’ve recieved, and it’s clear that I have some improving to do. A mixup occurred with my portfolio and therefore I was unable to hand my deliverables in a portfolio, and I accept that was unproffesional wholeheartedly and it definitely wont happen again. 

Although I’m not happy with my feedback, I completely agree with it, I know there were issues with my designs such as my colour ways, and the last term proved to me that my skills do not lie within digital design, and so the next term will be completely focused on bettering my ‘hands-on’ skills, which is something I’m looking forward to.