Self Reflection

As stated in my reflection for the previous module hand-in, this module for me has mainly been about finding myself as a designer, and figuring out what style works best for me, and I think that’s exactly what it’s done. Although I’ve enjoyed this module, there have been a few issues standing in the way of my work being to the standard that I would’ve hoped for, including technical issues and problems within the workshops, however overall I’d be inclined to say I’m happy with the work that i’ve produced. This module for me has confirmed that I’m more of a ‘hands on’ designer, as I’ve enjoyed the more hand drawn appproach to designing. I feel like I now have a good understanding of croquis design, and hand drawn repeats. I know some people prefer to use digital methods such as photoshop and Illustrator, and although I think sometimes they’re more appropriate than hand drawn techniques, I feel as though my digital work isn’t as strong as my hand drawn work and my digital skills need to be improved. However, overall im pleased with my CAD visuals and I think they’ve been done probably to the best of my ability. But there’s always room for improvement.

Chosing Elie Saab as my designer for this brief mean’t that I had some new skills to learn such as beading and digital stitch. Over the past few weeks I’ve spent my workshop day’s with Maggie trying to better these skills, spending 2 Thursdays in Digital stitch has given me the opportunity to experiment with what designs of mine would be more suited to this method. And although I have done a couple of designs using the digital software, unfortunately I have not yet had the chance to get my work stitched due to the business of the digital stitch workshops.

As Saabs work mainly involves embroidery, beading and stitch work I felt that the print workshops weren’t necessarily suitable for the work that I’d need to produce, however, I’ve decided to look at alternative ways of bringing textures into my designs so that I can produce work at a faster rate than I would if I hand beaded everything. So I intend to experiment with devore, puff printing and see what other methods would be suitable, however again due to workshops issues I haven’t been able to produce any suitable samples yet, although I’ve experimented, i felt that none of the pieces I had managed to produce were suitable or effective so chose not to use them as part of my collection.

For a theme I chose winter romanticism, and personally, I feel as the theme isn’t quite coming through in my work as I had hoped, so this is something I’ll also need to revisit in the next part of the module, I think a lot of that is down to the fact that my deliverables were all paper based, which I’m not happy about at all and will definitely change in the next part. I think something that also needs to be re-looked at [again] are the colours that I’m using. Although I think they all looks well together, I think i need to look more and frozen colours like frozen whites as is an upcoming colour pallette for winter a/w 15/16, and paler blues as opposed to mainly nave and dark blue. I think paler colours will be more effective for a cold wintery feeling.

I think one issue I’ve come across with this brief was at the beginning finding out what type of designs were suitable, and looking through my sketchbook it becomes clear that I worked hard on trying to design croquis and repeated designs suitable for my work. An issue Helen raised was that I didn’t have enough imagery to work with, which is something that i looked at briefly but felt I didn’t have enough time to look at this thoroughly so is definitely something I’ll focus on collecting over the easter break, as we’ve already made plans to go to the botanical gardens and various other places to try and collect as much information as possible for next term. I also felt as though some of my drawings were lifeless and dull, so decided to paper clip the pages together and keep away from them for the time being. ¬†Whilst progressing through this module I’ve also found that, unlike a lot of my cohorts, I really like using gouache paint. I like the fact that it has a completely different look most other paints and it’s something that is shown through a lot of my designs and my sketchbook.

As a whole, I’m pleased with the work that I have produced but im very aware of the fact that there are improvements to be made, and these are things that I intend to focus on over the easter break and in the next part of the module, such as collecting imagery and motifs, experimenting more within the workshop and really focusing on getting my designs to flow well as a collection and getting them up to a high standard. Although I know there are improvements to be made, I’m happy with my deliverables thus far and feel as though I’m on the right track for what I need to do in the next part of the module.

Although I’m enjoying this module, and am enjoying designing for fashion, I’ve found that I’m probably more suited to interiors, and feel I’d feel more free and at ease in that field. Going to Chelsea design week and getting to experience the variety of designs there, that I’d feel a lot more at home in that environment. ¬†Nevertheless, I intend to continue this brief with enthusiasm and dedication to improve the standard and overall feel to my designs ready for next term!