Edited Hypothetical Commission Brief

As we’re now back into our subject areas I thought it’d make sense to re-look at my written brief and go over it after my experiences in field. Unlike some, there’s only a few tweaks that have been made to mine as I was already happy with it, but having taken Helen’s comments into consideration I have changed a few minor details, and hopefully will be able to successfully create a body of work fitting for my brief.

Bethan Davies



Hypothetical design brief 2014/15




To create a compilation of textiles designs for fashion based textile designer Elie Saab under the theme of Winter romanticism for the season Autumn/Winter 2015/2016



  • To explore and document the theme of winter romanticism thoroughly and produce a series of designs fit for said theme.
  • To look into and report on the targeted market of high end couture fashion for celebrities and formal events.
  • To summerise all relevant aspects of the conception on a series of visually inspiring mood boards.
  • To produce and log a body of fashion textile designs experimenting with different techniques as appropriate for the chosen theme, company and season.
  • To creatively develop a variety of ideas using methods such as lasercutting, embroidery, digital stitch and fabric dying.
  • To produce a selection of samples and croquis designs on a range of appropriate substrates to include fabric and or papers.
  • To present a final collection of designs some of which demonstrate a variety of skills and designs fitting for the theme and season.
  • To present a final collection of designs demonstrating co-ordinating design groups, and understanding of the chosen company’s style and an understanding of colour and season trends.
  • To illustrate and present selected designs for fashion in situ, as CAD visuals.



Introduction to clarify the context and market/client


I’ve been inspired by Elie Saab when I was introduced to his work whilst previously researching textiles for fashion, I was enticed by his subtle yet visually stunning designs. I was then influenced by his Autumn/Winter 2013/14 collection to research further into his work. The chosen theme of Winter romanticism is something that I think will suit Saabs signature look but something that I can also add a taste of my personality to in an effective way. Saab is well known as being a designer for royalty and celebrities, having created pieces for various European royalties and celebrities for formal events, so this would be the proposed clientele. However, Saab also has ready-to-wear collections aimed, still at a high end market however these collections are sold in Saab boutiques around the world, making them more accessible to the public. The ready-to-wear collections would be less formal, and more day to day base which is something I’m also interested in producing designs for. The main reason for chosing Saab as the company for the brief is that in doing so, it will allow myself to create a series of feminine and aesthetically appealing designs.




I will be researching into Elie Saabs previous collections via his website in order to gain a better understanding of his signature look and style. However I will also be researching into my chosen season and relevant trends using WGSN as my main source. I also plan on visiting the Elie Saab boutique to get a clear understanding of his ready-to-wear collections, and any other collections he might have in-store. I am also hoping to contact Saab in order to gain primary research and a better understanding of his fabric choices, design methods, and his policies on environmental issues, if any.

My proposal


I will create a collection of designs for fashion based textiles mainly for formal dresses as I feel this is the best representation of Saabs label for Autumn/Winter 2015/16. These designs will be inspired by the chosen theme of ‘Winter Romanticism’ and will have an on trend colour palette inspired by upcoming colour trends, but also tying in wintery and cooler colours. I will be sure to keep up with current trends using a variety of websites throughout the project such as WGSN, and will be sure to keep myself updated on Saabs upcoming collections in order to preserve my understanding of approach to various seasons and themes. I will also carry out visual research in my drawings, photography, and through the internet and libraries.



Having only a few weeks to complete this brief it is crucial that I work efficiently and keep myself organized throughout this project. Meaning planning a day by day schedule and keeping to it perfectly in order to make sure that I produce a clean and well thought out set of designs. If the schedule is not kept to, it could effect my work, which is why I must ensure that my time management is on point during this project.


Self Reflection

As a whole I’ve enjoyed this module, I struggled at the beginning with trying to figure out where to take my own sensory story but as a whole towards the end of the module I think it’s been relatively successful. I definitely enjoyed zoe’s and the geography drawing more than the other workshops because i found myself being a lot more expressive in them. However, Becky and Jo’s workshops were eye opening for me as i’ve never really had any experience with people with learning difficulties, it’s something that I’ve probably been quite naive about in the past, but the workshops have definitely enlightened me as to what it’s like to suffer with pmld or autism.

As a whole I think i’ve gained a better idea as to how my drawings can evoke certain senses and it’s definitely something I’ll be keeping an eye out for in my work from now on and though my sensory story isn’t quite finished I think it’s coming together gradually, and once it’s finished will hopefully take the viewer on the same sensory journey that walking around Roath Park took me on as a child.

Crispy Grass

another thing we noticed whilst walking around road park was the way the grass had crisped over due to frost, it was the texture that I was interested in with this more than anything else, and decided that this was probably the best way i could tie it in with my subject area. for me i think the best way of doing this would be to fray thread in order to get the general feel of grass and then to crisp it up the best way would probably be to spray it with glue, or hairspray to give it the solidity and hardness that the grass and soil have due to the cold weather.  I’m not entirely sure how it would work out but the best thing to do is experiment and see where it takes me.

rose gardens

The last thing that comes to mind when walking around oath park is the overpowering floral smell that hits you whilst walking through the rose gardens. More than the sight of them it’s the overpowering scent that i’d like to focus on. It’s no secret that drawing a smell is quite difficult, so as opposed to drawing the smells I thought it would be more effective to make scented paper, and print images of the roses onto that. Although I haven’t had time to do it just yet, I think the easiest way to do it would be to make the paper handmade and press rose petals into them, and mixing the paper pulp with rose water so as to secure the definitive smell of the roses when making the paper from scratch. I think this would be the most effective and memorable way of getting the scent to stick in someones mind, and not to difficult to make either!



Unknown Unknown-1 Unknown-2

River running

My second idea was to try and convey the atmosphere created by the sound of the river running whilst walking through the trees, this was something that I struggled with for a while and am still struggling with currently, but I decided the only way to get over it was to keep experimenting and see which way works best.

chaotic playground

I wasn’t sure of the best way to convey a chaotic playground originally, but after a while of watching my cousin along with other children running around the park manically i realised that all the colours meshed into one big blur after a while, combine that with the sounds of them shouting and laughing i realised that this was probably the best way to overlap those senses.

Bare in mind this is only a proposal and not the finished piece, a lot of editing is currently needed, the main thing for this was to experiment with what I thought would be the best way of created the chaotic atmosphere of a playground

final sensory story

For our final proposal we’ve been asked to submit our own sensory story, that must include drawing and be sensorially stimulating. However it is not a requirement that it includes all senses. For a while I struggled with the thought of creating my own sensory ‘story’ and I just couldn’t wrap my head around the brief, no matter how hard I tried. But after what seemed like a lifetime of wracking my brains to figure out what I was going to do I decided to change the word ‘story’ to ‘journey’ instead, and suddenly it all seemed clear.

I’ve decided to base my work on a journey around Roath Park Lakes as it’s something that’s personal to me. Having grown up in and around cardiff my whole life it’s something that I’ve grown up having my own sensorial experience of.

Best way to start planning my sensory story was to think of every way that my senses are stimulated whilst walking around the lake.

Sensorial Experiences

– Excited children running around

-sound of children laughing

-frozen/dead leaves crunching

-sound of the river running

-smell of roses in the wild gardens

-tropical green house – fish, water running, really dense air

although some of these are going to be hard to complete i think with the right amount of time and concentration none of them are unachievable.