Mood Boards



My mood boards for my Hypothetical design commission brief, for Elie Saab.

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The brief

Bethan Davies



Hypothetical design brief 2014/15




To create a compilation of textiles designs for fashion based textile designer Elie Saab under the theme of Winter romanticism for the season Autumn/Winter 2015/2016




  • To explore and document the theme of winter romanticism thoroughly and produce a series of designs for said theme.
  • To look into and report on the targeted market of high end couture fashion for celebrities and formal events.
  • To summerise all relevant aspects of the conception on a series of visually inspiring mood boards.
  • To produce and log a body of fashion textile designs experimenting with different techniques as appropriate for the chosen theme, company and season.
  • To creatively develop a variety of ideas using methods such as lasercutting, embroidery, digital stitch and fabric dying.
  • To produce a selection of samples and croquis designs on a range of appropriate substrates to include fabric and or papers.
  • To present a final collection of designs some of which demonstrate a variety of skills and designs fitting for the theme and season.
  • To present a final collection of designs demonstrating co-ordinating design groups, and understanding of the chosen company’s style and an understanding of colour and season trends.
  • To illustrate and present selected designs for fashion in situ, as CAD visuals.



Introduction to clarify the context and market/client


I’ve been inspired by Elie Saab when I was introduced to his work whilst previously researching textiles for fashion, I was enticed by his subtle yet visually stunning designs. I was then influenced by his Autumn/Winter 2013/14 collection to research further into his work. The chosen theme of Winter romanticism is something that I think will suit Saabs signature look but something that I can also add a taste of my personality to in an effective way. Saab is well known as being a designer for royalty and celebrities, having created pieces for various European royalties and celebrities for formal events, so this would be the proposed clientele. However, Saab also has ready-to-wear collections aimed, still at a high end market however these collections are sold in Saab boutiques around the world, making them more accessible to the public. The ready-to-wear collections would be less formal, and more day to day base which is something I’m also interested in producing designs for. The main reason for chosing Saab as the company for the brief is that in doing so, it will allow myself to create a series of feminine and aesthetically appealing designs.




I will be researching into Elie Saabs previous collections via his website in order to gain a better understanding of his signature look and style. However I will also be researching into my chosen season and relevant trends using WGSN as my main source. I also plan on visiting the Elie Saab boutique to get a clear understanding of his ready-to-wear collections, and any other collections he might have in-store. I am also hoping to contact Saab in order to gain primary research and a better understanding of his fabric choices, design methods, and his policies on environmental issues, if any.


My proposal


I will create a collection of designs for fashion based textiles, including formal dresses, day to day wear and evening wear for the season Autumn/Winter 2015/16. These designs will be inspired by the chosen theme of ‘Winter Romanticism’ and will have an on trend colour palette inspired by upcoming colour trends, but also tying in wintery and cooler colour. I will be sure to keep up with current trends using a variety of websites throughout the project, and will be sure to keep myself updated on Saabs upcoming collections in order to preserve my understanding of approach to various seasons and themes. I will also carry out visual research in my drawings, photography, and through the internet and libraries.




Having only a few weeks to complete this brief it is crucial that I work efficiently and keep myself organized throughout this project. Meaning planning a day by day schedule and keeping to it perfectly in order to make sure that I produce a clean and well thought out set of designs. If the schedule is not kept to, it could effect my work, which is why I must ensure that my time management is on point during this project

Making connections, level 5

After completing the majority of my research, i’ve made the decision on my top 3 designers, being Elie Saab, Laura Ashley and IKEA. I’m due to present these designers to my group in the morning, and have organised my Pecha Kucha in the order of my top three. After much deliberation I have decided to write my hypothetical design commission brief for Elie Saab as I believe that would be the brief that I’d be most likely to get excited about.

petcha kutcha

The beginning of level 5, self evaluation

Self Evaluation

What kind of designer do you aspire to be?

Before beginning my research I’ve always been more keen to pursue Interior design, however, with more and more research this could easily change during this module.

What have been your reative Experiences so far?

The key changing point in my creative experiences was pursuing art as an A Level. Whilst doing my GCSE’s I was certain I’d pursue another career. However, my Alevels confirmed that I wanted to pursue a creative career. During my A level studies I did a two weeks work experience with The makers guild in Craft in the Bay, in which I spent a lot of time with Claire Cawte, and other print makers. This helped me realise that I’d be keen to go into textile design. I then went on to do a foundation in Art and Design at Cardiff Metropolitan university, in which I was able to experiment throughout all field arears, and after undergoing studies in every area, I decided I was more suited to Textiles as opposed to any other area.

What are your strengths?

A key strength of mine is my drawing ability as it’s something that I’ve been working on for years, and is something that I enjoy wholeheartedly. Another strength of mine is my ability to adapt to different methods of working. I’m fortunate in being able to pick up skills and use them to my advantage in my work.

Which segments of the design market inspire and excite you?

More than anything I’ve always been more interested in fashion and interiors more so than stationary. However, the more research I undergo, the more I’m finding myself interested in other aspects of design too.