Final Piece Planning

So after weeks of working on this project, the group work and all, I’m finally at the stage where I’m planning my final piece, and after all my research, drawings, samples, new techniques learnt, I’ve decided that I want to show a clear development in the architecture in Cardiff. My original idea was to have panels, sort of like a timeline, showing how it’s developed, but now I feel as if I don’t have the time, equipment and room to create pieces like this. After discussing this with Sally we agreed that it might be a bit complex to create such pieces, so after the group assessment, I decided it might be a better idea to create separate pieces but combine them in frames which is what I now plan on doing. However, as the workshops are overly busy at the moment with third years finals too, I decided to leave the printing aspect out of my piece and focus mainly on stitch like I’ve been inspired to ever since researching into Kettles work. So the plan now is to create a series of pictures, stitched similarly to Kettles work, and combine them in frames to show a timeline of how Cardiff has changed.