Starting to come together

So the aim of this week is to try and sort out all of the information, VR codes, finalising the website, designing a logo, and making sure that the whole thing works.. basically.

This mornings session mainly consisted of us trying to design our logo. We also came up with a name together, after much deliberation we came up with the name ‘glimpse’, i.e a glimpse into the past. So after getting a basic idea of what we wanted we then spent ages discussing what we wanted our logo to look like and here were some of the ideas that we came up with..

logos 3logo 2

logo 1

And after a lot of discussing.. we chose to not use any of these.. back to the drawing board it is.


Getting technological.

After finalising all of our research last week, it’s now time to start getting to work on our app. Having decided that the best way to present it would be to create VR codes which then link up to our website which includes all of our information, characters and research on it. After trying to decide which would be the best way to get children interacting with our app we decided to come up with characters that co-inside with the chosen buildings/areas. For example, to go with the train station we came up with a train conductor from the post industrial times of the train station, named tyd. We then came up with a minor named Dai that could present all the information on the pierhead, and finally, as the norwegian church is famous for being the place of Roald Dahls baptism, we decided it would be fitting to use Dahl as our character for that aspect.

We then went off to design our characters and put all the information together ready to put on the website in our next session.

One week to go..

Okay so with one week left the aim of today was to finalise everything as much as possible, we eventually came up with a logo that we were all happy with, we also managed to get phone prototypes lasercut, many thanks to Aled. The VR codes have been linked up to our website, the website is up and running, the characters are all designed and uploaded, the character profiles are all sorted. All we need now is to prepare for our presentation.

The main aim of our presentation is for our work to do the talking. If we get a volunteer to come up and use the iPAD and show to everyone else that the website is finalised and up and running. We will also project the website onto the white screen so that people that can’t see the ipad can still see the website and all the information.

Here is the link to our website for anyone who’s interested.

Print Print Print 2

After being sent last week to take photos ready to edit them into photoshop, we’ve spent the day in the computer room being taught how to edit our images into collages. Safe to say I struggled at first but after a while of playing around I got used to the software and at the end of the day managed to produce some fairly successful pieces that I’m happy with. black and white 2

Collage 3


collage 1

Just waiting for Steve to print these off for now, but even on paper I’m happy with the outcomes.

Print Print Print 1

First morning back with Steve and after having explained our tasks for the next two weeks we’ve been sent off to collect photos ready to edit them in photoshop and digitally print them.

Group day 2.. more mingling.

Okay so after being put in our groups yesterday the whole point of today was to present our petcha kutchas to our group again so that they were able to get a better idea of what our personal projects were. The main focus of mine was to look at how architecture has developed in Cardiff over the past couple of decades. Having grown up in Cardiff I was confident that I could work sufficiently within that area.

It was also interesting to see the others’ work and how they came to their themes. However, going over our presentations just confirmed what we always knew, our themes had nothing in common. I remain positive that we can figure it out.

Bethan Davies Petcha Kutcha