Stitch stitch stitch speed dating 2

I’ve got a bit more of an idea now as to what I’ll be working on in my project. After spending all week researching and trying to decide the best route for my work I have decided to concentrate on how Cardiff has developed as a whole. Having grown up in Cardiff I’ve seen it change over the past 20 years and I’m keen to focus on this as a part of my work as it’s something personal to me.

So now that I have a better Idea on what I’m going to work on it made todays stitch workshop a lot easier than last weeks, I mainly concentrated on lines, as a main thought of mine was skylines and how Cardiff is a growing city, however, with the petcha kutcha being next week I’m sure to have a finalised idea of where im headed by then.


Petcha Kutcha presentation day

So today is the day I’ve been dreading for the past fortnight. Presentation day, I’m usually not very good speaking in front of people, but seen as how it was only six of my peers and Sally I guess I was okay. And to be honest, I was perfectly happy with how it went, Sally seemed happy with my work, and I can finally say I know where I’m heading.

After much deliberation, research and stress I’ve decided to focus on how architecture has developed in Cardiff city. As I stated before, I’ve grown up here and have seen the city change right in front of me. I’m happy with my choice and hopefully I can pull it off!

StitchStitchStitch 1

First morning back in the workshop, and safe to say I enjoyed myself today. It was nice to be back at a sewing machine and learning new skills. Not only that but we learnt things that I’d never thought about before, giving me more ideas about how I can incorporate these into my own work. However, as I still haven’t decided on a project to work on, it’s made things slightly difficult. So spent the day playing around with the different techniques ready for when my project starts full force.

Time for a new brief.

So today marks the beginning of our new module, field. To begin we were introduced to our leader Olwen Mosely, we then went on to be put in pairs with people that we had never met before, and had to ask them three questions, after having 15 minutes to talk to our other half, ¬†we then had to present it to the rest of the class. I’m not usually very good speaking in front of crowds, but it wasn’t too bad. Fortunately I was paired with a lovely fine artist who I then spent the rest of the day with. After lunch we were then put into groups depending on what our personal work was based on. To begin I was put in a group of 3 with two others that were also looking at architecture, however, Olwen then decided that our group was too small and that we’d then have to be split up again. I was then put in a group with three others, Becky, a Designer maker, Aled, a product designer, and Arron, an illustrator.

To begin with, this was slightly difficult as we were looking at things that had nothing at common, myself studying architecture, Becky looking at lights, Aled looking at water systems and Arron looking at something different again. We spent the rest of the day explaining our personal projects to the group and then reported back to Olwen at the end of the day.

..So far so good.